KARACHI:  Drama is the first thing that comes to one’s mind upon hearing the words Saas-Bahu. A battle of wits and the epicenter of family politics have been some major characteristics of the relationship mothers and daughters-in-law hold. Living in a society that largely grants power and control to a woman only after she becomes a mother, […]

Digestive Showtime, Innovative Biscuits’ newly-launched Youtube based short film platform, has released its first short film titled as Yorker. Directed by Ahsan Rahim and Syed Nini, it revolves around a rising fast bowler, Ammar Saleem, played by Wahaj Ali, who eventually garners the courage to face his one true fear: speaking in English. Digestive Showtime, […]

Innovative Biscuits has launched a Youtube based short film platform, “Digestive Showtime”, with the release of the first short film, Yorker. Four other short films will follow the release this season. The purpose of “Digestive Showtime” is to bring storytellers and the film community together. The main idea is to aid the audience and filmmakers […]

2021 seems like a positive year for our film industry when it comes to new and diverse content. Not only are our actors coming back to the big screen after a dry year, 2020, due to the pandemic, we also see an inclined liking towards short films. The industry, as well as the audiences, are […]

Innovative Biscuits has recently launched a YouTube based short film platform — Digestive Showtime — with the release of the first short film, titled Yorker. Featuring Wahaj Ali as the protagonist of the short, the film is a roller-coaster ride and is high on emotions, laughter and star power. The platform Digestive Showtime aims to […]

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