With great fame comes great responsibility, and not always as anticipated. Upcoming fast-bowler Ammar Saleem must make the choice of giving in to the fall, or learning to realize one’s true fears

Director:   Ahsan Rahim, Syed Nini

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Daughter in Law

When Sarah and Farah, two strong women with opposite personalities meet, storm, fire and ashes are the natural by-products. Faced with the choice between escaping or standing her ground, Sarah decides to give herself a chance for a redemption long due.

Director:   Armughan Hassan

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Sameer and Zehra having gone through a tragic accident together wake up to a new unfamiliar life, trying to reconnect and recall how they got where they are. What they discover may not be what they are looking for…

Director:   Mukhtar Zaidi

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Road Trip

Ali has had a fight at school and is sitting in his room in a bad mood. His father Ayan comes to pacify him and starts telling him a story when he and his brother Hamza had to undertake a journey by road together to meet their ailing father

Director:   Sultan Ghani Afzal

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